Welcome to Clan MacKenzie Society of New Zealand Inc.

The aim of the Clan Mackenzie  Society of New Zealand Incorporated is to promote friendship and genealogical interest. We send four newsletters per year to financial members and meet officially once per year for a combined social gathering and AGM.

Communications are kept up with the MacKenzie Societies of the UK, Australia, Canada, Americas, and Nova Scotia. Membership is open to all MacKenzies and septs of MacKenzies, any descendants of the above, or anyone who has an interest or is a friend. There are variations in the spellings of these names, especially in the Mc, Mac, M' as is so with the name MacKenzie. The variations in the spelling of MacKenzie come from the translation of the Gaelic MhicCoineach into English.

The aims of the Clan  MacKenzie Society of New Zealand Inc.

  1. To promote friendship and kinship and communication amongst Clan MacKenzie members.
  2. To arrange annual gatherings of members
  3. To share genealogical history
  4. To support & promote Scottish culture.

Join Clan MacKenzie Society of New Zealand Inc.

Members have access to more information on this web site. All newsletters back to 2016 are available here, as is our Constitution and the beginnings of our photo gallery. The web site is evolving, input from financial members is always welcome. 

To join Clan MacKenzie Society of New Zealand Inc, please go to Join Us in the menu bar, or download the Membership application form 21st Nov 2022.pdf   and once complete, email the Membership Secretary at ian.linda50@gmail.com   see note below

We are aware there is a problem for some users when trying to email from this link.  If the link is not connecting to your email please copy and paste the email address, or enter it manually. If you have a problem accessing the link please advise Ian on 029 2206100

No scholarship is being awarded for 2023. Instead, a donation has been made to Qwenton McKenzie who is to travel the Canada in 2024 with the NZ Youth Pipe Band. 


Click the link below to read about some of our previous winners of this great scholarship!

Clan MacKenzie NZ Piping Scholarship recipients 2018-2021 

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